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Somewhere down the line, our yoga class has begun to be called
TERA-YOGA among its members.
Indeed, this class is held in a Buddhist temple or TERA in Japanese.
Besides, I happened to notice another meaning of this word.
TERA means "Yourself" in Hindi.

In the silence of a Buddhist temple, the aroma of incense, and the light of candles,
you gradually make your breath and mind calm in accord with your body movements.
It is the time to reflect on yourself in peace,
observing the status of your body, breath and heart.

Here, you can spend your own time as you are.
That's why TERA-YOGA means your own yoga.

(English is available in Komyoji's website :

If you are interested in TERA-YOGA, please ask us for details by email below.


TERA-YOGA in Komyoji Temple Tokyo

TERA-YOGA is a yoga class in Komyoji Temple Tokyo. If you don't know it, read this English page first.




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