What is "Kamiyacho Open Terrace"

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Kamiyacho Open Terrace is a relaxing space in Komyoji Temple Tokyo. Whenever you want to relax in your daily life, you can visit it like a cafe. At the terrace, tables and chairs are available to everyone so you can take your lunchbox, have a chat with friends or enjoy reading books alone as you want.

You don't need to pay any fee or make a reservation beforehand to use the place. Whan we expect you is only to have peaceful mind, gratitude for all living things, and respect for Buddha when you spend your time at the place. In a Buddhist temple, Japanese people express their gratitude for Buddha with Gassho or clasping their hands in prayer toward the statue of Buddha. Even if you are not familier with the Japanese manner, you can express your feeling in your own way.

Kamiyacho Open Terrace is open in the daytime on weekdays throughout the year. In some lucky days in summer, you will be served a cup of drink and some sweets by a monk and some friends just like a cafe. But in the usual days without staffs, you can bring your own food and drink into the terrace. Anyway, please take all your garbage back home with you.

We are very glad if you feel the atmosphere of Japanese Buddhist temple at Kamiyacho Open Terrace. Don't be so nervous, you can come here just like you stop at a cafe. We will be waiting for you all.

(English is available in Komyoji's website : http://www.komyo.net/)


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Kamiyacho Open Terrace

Kamiyacho Open Terrace is a relaxing space like a cafe in Komyoji Temple Tokyo. If you don't know it, read this English page first.



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